Refund Policy

Unless stated on specific product pages all products come with a 6 hour no questions asked refund period to give you a grace period for accidental purchases.If the individual has watched more than 10% of the course also, the refund is not eligible as that is deemed 'not accidental' or if they request a refund within 6 hours of purchasing.
In this case the cash back offer from any of our products does now apply. In addition to this, select products come with a 7 day money back guarantee as long as action was taken. This 'action' means that the member must have:
The member has logged into the training at least once.
The member has watched at least 75% of the training.
Must have spent at least $50 on either: Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Bing Ads, or Youtube Ads with screenshots as proof.
The member has made an effort to post a Facebook ad and show proof they have been marketing or Google Ads, Bing Ads, Or Youtube Ads.
Unfortunately, if these criteria are not met then the REFUND IS INELIGIBLE.
Please note if email has been sent within the time frame of 7 Days, and you haven't received a refund, we will use your initial email date to correlate to the purchase to ensure every individual receives a fair refund policy applied.
By completing your order, you AGREE ENTIRELY that after the 7 days has concluded, for either a repayment plan or full purchase price, NO REFUNDS ARE ELIGIBLE UNDER ANY CONDITIONS from the date of payment, if the individual doesn't complete the required steps above within 7 days of purchase.
How refunds work
The refund period starts from the day you purchased the product unless otherwise specified.
Of course, digital products you’ve downloaded cannot be “Returned” to us, so we trust you to not re-sell or otherwise re-distribute those files. Also if you get a refund but continue to use a product you purchased from us it is a violation of intellectual property rights laws.
We do not process refunds if you dispute your payments. If you dispute you automatically lose your right to a refund.
How to request a refund
Simply email your refund request to [email protected] please include the words “refund request” in the subject line of your email to help us get to it quickly.
Important refund information: it may take up to 7 business days for your refund to be credited back to your account.
It would be very helpful to us if you’d also tell us why you’re requesting a refund. This is not required, and we won’t use this information to try and “Sell” you something else. But we do take feedback seriously, and it really does help us make better products and improve our sales process. We want every customer to be satisfied!
If you dispute you automatically lose your right to a refund.